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AMARR® Garage Doors in Chilliwack

Enhance the overall exterior of your home and add to the value of your property with AMARR® garage doors. At Superior Door Services, we offer a range of metal garage door options in Chilliwack for you to choose from.


Mosaic window options: Create your door with panel designs of your choice – short, long, clear or obscure, we have you covered.

Unique door designs: Choose colours, windows and decorative hardware to create a one-of-a-kind window.

Wind load doors: AMARR® doors are built to withstand high-wind pressures with an interior wind load reinforcement system. It can be added to all the AMARR® doors to meet the local building codes.

Energy efficiency: The CFC-free insulation increases your home’s energy efficiency and reduces noise from the garage.


AMARR® Classica Full View

AMARR® Stratford

AMARR® Lincoln

AMARR® Vista VI1000: Contemporary Aluminum Full View Garage Doors Collection

AMARR® Garage Doors

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