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Remotes & Accessories

Chilliwack's One-Stop-Shop for Garage Door Remotes & Accessories

At Superior Door Services, we’re Chilliwack’s one-stop-shop for garage door remotes and accessories. Whether you need a wireless keyless entry system, remote light control, garage door monitor or anything in between, we carry a variety of LiftMaster® products to suit any need and budget. We also sell parts so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!


Our current stock of remotes and accessories includes:

Garage Door Remotes

890MAX Garage Door Remotes

890MAX – a 3-button mini remote control for convenience as a keychain fob or to fit in your purse or pocket

893LM Garage Door Remotes

893LM – a 3-button visor remote that can operate up to 3 doors and multi-frequency technology to eliminate interference

892LT Garage Door Remotes

892LT – a 2-button opener with programming capabilities for different codes and frequencies capable of operating a gate and garage door

895MAX Garage Door Remotes

895MAX – an elite 3-button visor remote control with blue LED buttons for better night operation visibility and MyQ® capabilities to control enabled light accessories from your car


825LM Remote Light Control

825LM Remote Light Control – no more walking into a dark house! Turn on any lamp connected through the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway with a touch of a button on your garage door opener or smartphone

828LM LiftMaster Internet Gateway™

828LM LiftMaster Internet Gateway™ - get peace of mind and security with the ability to monitor and control your garage door opener or home lights. All you need is a smartphone or computer!

829LM Garage Door Monitor

829LM Garage Door Monitor – Forget to close the garage door when bringing in the groceries? Now you can check and close it from any room in the house.

877LM Wireless Keyless Entry System

877LM Wireless Keyless Entry System – no need to worry about safety being compromised if you lose a remote control or key. Using a private 4-digit code, you can open or close your garage door.

975LM Laser Parking Accessory

975LM Laser Parking Accessory – worried about having enough room when you park in your garage? This accessory removes the guesswork and will let you know where to park and when to stop.

Wall Control Stations

378LM Wireless Secondary Control Panel

378LM Wireless Secondary Control Panel – with just 1 device, you have the ability to operate up to 2 garage doors

398LM Smart Control Panel®

398LM Smart Control Panel® – want more out of your wall control panel? Get optimal system maintenance with time display, inside garage temperature and important system status messages.

880LM Smart Control Panel®

880LM Smart Control Panel® – featuring a menu-driven panel, you will be able to easily program remote controls, adjust settings and receive system diagnostics

881LM Motion-Detecting Control Panel with Timer-to-Close

881LM Motion-Detecting Control Panel with Timer-to-Close – turn on your lights automatically with a motion-detecting control panel and a Timer-to-Close feature so you never have to question if you remembered to close the garage door.

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